Pretty In Pink 2


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Date Created: September 10, 2019
Last Updated: September 10, 2019
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3 Pink flowers on a pink background with some diamonds for general use. A little room for text at the bottom.


Pink Flowers on a Pink Background

Image is 6000 x 4000 pixels at 300 ppi.

Amazing License

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Permitted Uses:

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  • Create unlimited physical end products

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  • Provide source files for clients

  • No attribution required

  • Modification allowed

Restricted Uses:

  • Redistribute the photos / graphics / elements beyond what is permitted

  • Redistribute my templates as yours

  • Use for illegal things or hate organizations


  • If there’s a third party complaint about something I photographed (i.e. a trademark item was in the photo), I will try my best to contact everyone who purchased it and replace the photo(s), and I kind of expect you guys to stop using it if that happens. All photographs I provide are so far taken by me, and all art I provide so far is my original art. This would mainly be if the makers of the coffee mug I photographed have a problem with their coffee mug in my photo.

  • If there’s a legal issue, I get to pick the court. If you live in a great vacation spot and I got the money, there’s a chance I’m going to be all about you suing me on your turf, but most of the time, I’m gonna want all court things to happen in West Virginia in the United States. I figure, this way, people will be less apt to sue because of the banjos, the mothman, and the fact that we are all related to the judges.

  • There’s no warranties, no liabilities. Meaning, product is as is. You will want to proof the items before sending to print or publishing to the web. If you come at me with a situation where the photo of my candle needs something more to make your client happy, and I still have that candle, I might take some new photos just for you because I’m a nice gal. The license basically says you get no legal rights to sue me over an unhappy photo, but I still offer customer service to help remedy any issues.
  • I still own the copyright. You get to use it, but the actual rights do not transfer. If you are interested in photographs you can use exclusively or want the transfer of the copyright to go to you, you are more than welcome to email me at or find me on

Basically, you can use these things to do your thing. You cannot use these things to replicate my thing.

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