7 Tips for Success When Selling in a Digital Marketplace

You’re a kick-ass creative entrepreneur. You want to get your products out to the world so that people can see just how awesome they (and you) are. The more exposure your amazing products get, the more people will want to snatch them up. So, adding your products to an online marketplace (or 2, or 3, or 4) is a no-brainer. Why not put the marketplace to work bringing in visitors to buy your goods? After all, your digital marketplace success ensures their success.

But, simply adding your products isn’t a guaranteed way to get sales. In a marketplace with potentially hundreds of other vendors, your shop and products, need to stand apart from the crowd. Here are 7 ways to help them do just that.

1. Use Beautiful Images

An attention-grabbing product image is one of the first keys to getting someone to hit that “Buy Now” button. And while it’s definitely not the only thing getting people to buy, it can certainly be the difference between them scrolling on by or clicking to learn more.

The marketplace you’re selling on will have guidelines for image dimensions. Be sure to create your product images in those dimensions. There’s nothing more unprofessional than product images that are cut off, or missing parts. What will that say to your buyers about the attention to detail of the product itself?

If adding text to your images, use your brand’s colors and/or fonts whenever possible. Using your own branding will make your products more recognizable to people who have purchased from you in the past.

Even if you’re not a designer, with Canva, you can create some stunning product images, with ease. If you’re selling on the Lady Boss Biz Boutique, you’re in luck because as part of our Vendor Guide (which all our vendors have access to), we provide you with some product image templates designed with Canva, that you can use to create beautiful, attention-grabbing product images.

2. Create Great Product Descriptions

Once the product image grabs the buyers’ attention, you’ll need some great copy to get that person to actually make the purchase. More than a simple description of what the buyer will be getting, your product description should let the buyer know who should buy your product and why.

In addition to the nitty gritty of what comes with the product and a general description, let potential buyers know that your product is ideal for eBook sellers, life coaches, food bloggers, or whoever else it may be. Next tell them why they should buy it. What is in it for them? Will it make them look more professional? Will it speak directly to their target audience in a way most other products won’t?

3. Do some basic SEO

We’re not all masters of Search Engine Optimization, but a little SEO can go a long way. Using great search terms in your product’s title and description can make your product more “findable” on Google and more discoverable in your marketplace. There are plenty of free tools available for you to research keywords. Google Ads Keyword Planner is one that should work. If you don’t like that one, simply Google “free keyword research tool” and you’ll get plenty of options.  

4. Give a little something extra

Ever hear the saying, “a small gesture goes a long way”? Keep your customers coming back for more by including a small bonus with their download. In addition to pleasing your customer, you can use this as a promotional technique by giving a small sample of another product that you sell and adding a link to the full product in your shop. Your customers will feel appreciated and as a bonus for you, if they like the free gift, they might decide to buy the full product.

5. Use sales

Some marketplaces, such as Lady Boss Biz Boutique allow you to take control of your own promotions. Take advantage of that control by having sales. We can’t speak for other marketplaces, but Lady Boss Biz Boutique even permits you to schedule the start and end dates of your sales. This will allow you to create urgency around purchasing your products by having limited time promotions.

Be sure to shar your promotions with your followers on social media. A 2-day sale to promote a few products in your shop at 20%, 30% or even 50% off is an enticing offer for people who already follow you and are interested in your products. Which brings us to the next point…

6. Promote your shop in Social Media and Email Marketing

Have a social media following? Feature your products in some of your posts. Your followers already love your products, so give them more ways to find them. Show samples of some of the great items you’re posting in your shop. If you have a list, send your promotions out to your lists. The more eyes that are on your products, the more sales you’re likely to get.

7. Participate in Marketplace Promotions

If your marketplace offers the opportunity for you to get featured, take advantage of it.  Get your business in front of as many people as possible. The more people you can show your awesome products to, the more likely you are to get sales. The Lady Boss Biz Boutique, for example, will feature your business in an email and/or on the homepage of the website when you provide a freebie as a promotion.

Providing freebies is a great way to get exposure that can lead to sales if you are strategic about it. For example, offer a little taste of a paid product, then link to the paid product in your instruction PDF. This doesn’t mean offering a dinky product that no one will actually use. You want the people who download your freebies to be saying, “Holy cow! If this is how good the freebie is, imagine how great the paid product would be.”

Some examples of how this could work are: offering a 1-page WordPress layout, then linking to the full theme, or offering some free Facebook graphic templates and linking to the matching Instagram and Pinterest Templates for sale in your shop.

Adding your products to an online marketplace is a great way to get additional sales, from customers that won’t necessarily find you otherwise. Following these simple steps can help you boost sales and make your experience in any marketplace more lucrative (and more fun!).


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