Customer FAQ

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What if what I bought isn’t what I expected?

Due to the nature of digital products (you can’t physically return them), all sales are final unless the product doesn’t work, or the description of the item does not match the item you received. All requests for refunds should be made directly to the vendor.

What if a vendor refuses my request for a refund?

If a refund request is refused by a vendor, but you think the request is warranted, you may issue a dispute by contacting us at hello@ladybossboutique.net with a full description of the problem you are having with the product. We will evaluate and make a final decision on the dispute.

I purchased an item, but it was not delivered.

After purchase, you’ll be redirected to a page which will allow you to download your item. You can also download it from the https://ladybossboutique.net/my-account/downloads/ page.

Vendor FAQ

Do I have to be a woman to open a shop?

Nope. Anyone who creates for women and with a desire to help women is welcome to apply to open a shop.

What percentage of my sales do I get to keep?

For each item you sell on Lady Boss Biz Boutique, you’ll earn 75%, we’ll earn 20% and 5% will go towards helping Plan International’s ‘Because I am a Girl’ Initiative. This very important initiative works to advance equality for girls around the world by Improving access to education and opportunities that help girls thrive and reach their full potential.

Can I sell physical products?

No, Lady Boss Biz Boutique is a digital marketplace. All items must be online, and/or downloadable.

Can I sell online courses in the boutique and if so, how?

The sale of courses depends on the platform you use for your course. If you have the ability to create a 100% off coupon in your platform, then you can sell your course.

You would create a 100% off coupon and add the coupon code, along with the registration URL and any instructions buyers would need to a PDF document that would be the digital product delivered to your buyers upon registration. In your instructions, you should specify that they need to use the same email that they use to purchase in Lady Boss Biz Boutique so that they can be verified as buyers (this will prevent people from passing around the coupon code).

We also highly recommend additional security such as expiring old coupon codes and creating new ones every few months.

When will I get paid for my sales?

Payouts are made every Wednesday on sales from the previous week. The following is the payment schedule (unless there are disputes involving your sales):

  • Sales made on Mondays  -> Payment made 9 days later
  • Sales made on Tuesdays  -> Payment made 8 days later
  • Sales made on Wednesdays  -> Payment made 7  days later
  • Sales made on Thursdays  -> Payment made 6  days later
  • Sales made on Fridays  -> Payment made 5  days later
  • Sales made on Saturdays  -> Payment made 4  days later
  • Sales made on Sundays  -> Payment made 3  days later

How do you pay your vendors?

Our payouts to vendors are sent via Paypal. If your country does not accept Paypal payments, we have alternate payment methods. Please email us at hello@ladybossboutique.net to find out if we can send payments to your country.

What if a buyer requests a refund?

You may refund a purchase at your discretion. If you feel a refund is not warranted and the buyer disputes this, Lady Boss Biz Boutique will evaluate and make the final decision, in our sole discretion as laid out in our Terms and Conditions.

Where can I find your full terms and conditions?

You can find our terms and conditions here.

Can I sell extended licenses for my products?

Yes! Simply add your product as usual, then follow these steps:

  1. Select your product in the Vendor dashboard or create a new one
  2. Under “Product Type” choose “Variable Product”
  3. Still under “Product Type”, click on the “Attributes” tab
  4. Select “License Type,” then click “Add”
  5. Check both the boxes for “Visible on the Product page” and “Used for variations”
  6. Under “Values” type ‘Standard’ and ‘Extended’ to offer both options.
  7. Under the “Variations” tab, select, “Add variation” and click “Go”
  8. Choose a license type, then add the price and BE SURE TO CHECK BOTH VIRTUAL AND DOWNLOADABLE as options.
  9. Repeat step 8 with the alternate license type.
  10. Be sure to click “Save Changes” when you are finished.