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Have an Amazing Product That You Want Featured in
The Lady Boss Biz Box?

To get your product featured product in the Lady Boss Biz Box, please submit this short form. If you are a Lady Boss Boutique Vendor, please click here to submit your application.

In order to be selected, you will need to provide either a free sample, a discount on, or coupon code for a product, an e-Course, digital item or an online program.

All products considered must be beneficial to women entrepreneurs and meet our quality standards. Products already readily available for free (for example as an opt-in offer on your website) will not be considered.

Our subscribers will have access to download your discount, coupon code, or single-use freebie item at no charge for 1 month.

To participate, you must agree to share a short blurb about your participation in the Lady Boss Biz Box along with a link to our FREE Lady Boss Biz Box opt-in page to your subscriber list and at least once in social media during your featured month. Promotional materials (editable blurb and promotional image) will be sent to you for your convenience.

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