Let’s talk about Lead Magnets that work.

Your business is brilliant. Your website is brilliant. Heck, you’re brilliant. So why is it so difficult to build your email list these days?

Here’s why you’re struggling, what kind of Lead Magnets work in 2020 plus 5 stunning Lead Magnets that you can use on your website TODAY.

Let’s start with the facts.

You’re not alone. More than 60% of marketing experts are struggling with traffic and lead generation more than with anything else in their businesses.

Before I get into it, here’s a breakdown of what we’ll be chatting about, because I know you’re short on time to waste (just scroll down to the bit you’re interested in):

  1. Why is Lead Generation so difficult in 2020?
  2. What kind of Lead Magnets do work in 2020?
  3. 5 Amazing Lead Magnets that are easy to use today

Why is Lead Generation so difficult in 2020?

Sadly, life in 2020 is spammy.

There are too many emails, too many ads, too many social media notifications and too many messages.

Even if you’re the best thing since sliced bread (with copious amounts of cheese), your dream customer’s attention has reached its full capacity.

The former CEO of Google Eric Schmidt sums it up in this interview: “There was 5 Exabytes of information created between the dawn of civilization through 2003, but that much information is now created every 2 days, and the pace is increasing.”

The science behind it is simple, when the brain spam goes up, so does the price of giving up an email address.

I’m a reluctant email-sharer and this was my inbox today.

So how do you catch the details of potential customers in 2020?

This brings us to the big question.

What kind of Lead Magnets work in 2020?

The only way you’re getting an email address in 2020 is if you’re giving something for free that’s absolutely irresistible (because it’s so good).

So, what’s that really good thing? That depends on your ideal client – and you.

Ask yourself, “The kind of person that would purchase my _______, what would they find really, really valuable that I can offer at scale?”

Everyone could do with a major, MAJOR discount, but is that something you’re willing to offer for an email address?

That’s why the trick is finding something super valuable you can create once and then offer at scale. That’s why eBooks, eCourses, webinars and downloadable resources work well.

Here’s a good example from Business Coach Marie Forleo:

Perhaps it’s an eBook with exclusive hacks on the thing you’re an expert in? Perhaps it’s a very specific dress pattern? Perhaps it’s an amazing downloadable planner for creative business women.

Whatever it is, it needs to brighten, simplify or beautify the life of your consumer in a very real way. This means cutting away empty promises. You need to create something that means something.

I’m sure you’re thinking, okay, but who has time to create something like this? Because that’s not me.

The good news is, you don’t need to reinvent the lead magnet. There are loads of gorgeous templates to choose from right here in the boutique. These templates will give you an excellent starting place for your killer client-attracting lead magnet.

Here’s what I mean.

5 Lead Magnets that you can use TODAY

1. Planners

If your business helps entrepreneurs get organized, or stay on track in some way, a printable planner is an excellent way to capture your target audiences’ interest (and email address). From social media, to daily, monthly, weekly, personal and business planners. Just search and purchase a template that suits your dream customer – you can even add some relevant dates for your next program launch or info-bits that’ll help them out.

Here’s an excellent example of a gorgeous planner:

  • Placeholder

    PSD Planner Pack Template – Lady Boss – Design #1


2. eBooks

Working on an eBook takes time – so much of it. These templates will help you cut out the design time, so you can focus on creating content that matters. These babies are just waiting for your words to fill ’em up!

Here’s an example of template that you can edit in MS PowerPoint, no design programs needed.

  • Cosmetic Make up Tips eBook PowerPoint Presentation Template


3. eCourses

I’m sure there’s so much you could share with your potential clients. Why not give them a little taste and leave them wanting more? This great eCourse & Webinar bundle will display your amazing content with style and class.

  • Modern Gold eCourse Bundle | Canva & Powerpoint



Everyone loves self-improvement, right? We all want to feel like we’re being the best versions of ourselves. So why not offer a bit of self-improvement in your area of expertise. Workbooks are a great way to lead your subscribers through a series of questions designed to enhance their lives or their business. It’s also a great way to entice them to take the next steps by contacting you for your paid products or services.

  • Boss Lady Workbook Canva Template


5. Social Media Bundles

Everyone and their mother is on social media these days. A bundle of pre-made social media quotes specialized to your niche is a great opt-in gift for anyone trying to grow a social media following. This great template is a perfect example of social media quotes created for a specific niche… not to mention a great place to get started with your quote designs.

  • Canva Template – Hair Stylist Social Media Quotes


Before you go!

I hope this has been helpful! If so, or not, drop us a comment. Another thing might be helpful, is our Lady Boss Biz Box – it’s our monthly subscription box created just for creative female entrepreneurs. We offer free design templates and/or business  resources every month. If you’re interested in , you can check out this month’s box and grab it for $0 right here.


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  1. Whitney

    This was super helpful! Currently have an eBook out, but thinking about creating a content planner. Love your site, so chic and clean. And thanks for the Pinterest Templates feature!