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Creatives around the world are flocking to Canva because of its ease-of use and its growing number of features. Even the free version of Canva is chock-full of templates and goodies to help make designing for your business quick, easy and intuitive. But, one of the big advantages of Canva Pro (the paid premium version of Canva), is the ability to import your own fonts. This is a game-changer if you want to stay on-brand for your business’ marketing graphics (and hey, don’t we all?).

Today, I’m going to walk you though adding custom fonts to Canva. Don’t worry, I’m not going to get all techy with you. It’s a super-simple 2-step process.

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I’ve purchased this pack of 15 fonts from Alde Design.

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It comes with this gorgeous font that I’m going to install in Canva.

Step 1 Get your font.

When you buy a font, or a font bundle, they usually come in a zipped file. Canva will not allow you to upload zipped files.

To unzip the file, click on the file and then click the “Extract all” button.

Your computer will then ask you where you’d like to save your files, so choose a location on your computer and click “Extract”.

Here’s how my font-bundle looks after unzipping and saving to my computer.

The font I’m looking to upload to upload to Canva today is Everything Calligraphy. So, I’m going to click to open that folder.

In it, I’ll find .OTF, TTF and .WOFF files (depending on the font you purchased, you may find just the .OTF or .TTF file).

Step 2: Upload to Canva

Now head over to your Canva Pro account. From the menu on the dashboard, click on “Brand Kit.”

This is the page where you can upload your logos, add your brand colors, assign your brand fonts, and upload your custom fonts.

Under “Uploaded fonts” click “Upload a font.”

Navigate to where you saved your font and upload the .OTF file (you can also upload the .TTF version if that’s all that is available).

You will be asked to confirm that you have the right to use the font (since you purchased it, you do), click “Yes, upload away!”

And voila! You have now uploaded your font to Canva.

Now when you want to add your font to a design, just enter your font name in the search bar to find your font.

Uploading fonts to Canva couldn’t be easier.

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