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Grab your audience’s eye with these Charts and Infographics Instagram Templates. Inform, educate your audience by simplifying huge data or complex ideas with our diagrams, charts, arrows, and graphs. These Charts and Infographics Instagram Templates contain Infographics Templates, Charts Templates, Steps Templates, Cycle Templates, Timeline Templates, Table Templates, and Bullet Templates.

What will be the size?
1080 X 1080

What will you receive?
47 Charts & Infographics Templates
Charts Templates
Steps Templates
Cycle Templates
Timeline Templates
Table Templates
Bullet Templates

How to make an order?
Add this list to your cart by clicking “Add to Cart”
Present your payment information and “Request”
After you complete your request, you will see the connection for downloading the documents.
Download the PDF guidelines
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How does it work?
Make a free Canva account.
Click on the download link provided at the end of this guide.
The link will redirect you to Canva
Click on this template.
This will create a copy of the design and will be saved on your homepage.
Now you can edit your pictures and text as you want.

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